Dawna Jones works with companies and leaders to adapt their decision-making and deepen leadership skills to make the bold, creative decisions to evolve and design tomorrow. She’s the author of [Business] Decision Making for Dummies,  host of the Insight to Action podcast for business innovation and innovators. Her previous podcast,  the Evolutionary Provocateur, is on iTunes and the last 20 episodes on www.managment-issues.com/eprovoc. She is a monthly blogger for Great Workplace Cultures on the Huffington Post and has contributed a chapter on the new purpose of business to an upcoming book by Ervin Laszlo called Who are We and Why are We Here. See Mastering the Split in Consciousness www.FromInsightToAction.com

Welcome to My World!

In 2003, I was facilitating an organizational change initiative where everyone had the great intention to make leaps toward a compelling vision. Momentum jumped forward and then, inexplicably, rolled back. Able to see the big picture and how fast things were changing technologically, ecologically and socially I knew, in that moment of awareness, that unless decision makers seized the opportunity for growth at a personal, leadership and company level, companies would fail to adapt.

Being brought up by a professional naturalist and wildlife photographer and world traveller makes it easy for me to see systemic inter-relationships along with what no one is paying attention to. Nature is a master of using complexity to manage resilience. Using simple principles to expand leadership and business agility, resilience and great workplaces, people can bring their whole selves to work. All powered by decision making awareness at accelerated heights!

A world traveller, adventurer, progressive thinker, and trailblazer I’m a self confessed lover of the intersection between the power of the human spirit, learning from every experience and interdisciplinary thinking.

Dawna Jones
Hiking in Peru – 2012

Dawna works collaboratively with internal and external talent to leverage lasting personal-organizational-systemic transformation. Having worked with interdisciplinary teams and partnerships for over 25 years, Dawna customizes her speeches and workshops to fit the client’s stage of leadership decision-making awareness and values.

My Values:

Compassion-Ethics-Comfort with Uncertainty-Integrity-Wisdom-Trust-Making a Difference-Respect-Care

Book – Decision Making for Dummies – a 21st Century Guide

Author: Decision Making for Dummies published by Wileys, October, 2014.

On Steve Denning’s  (Forbes contributor) list of Eight Noteworthy Books for 2014

Huffington Post Great Workplace Cultures – Blogger

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Published Articles

The Evolutionary Imperative for Business Noetic Science Institute

Refresh Your Decision Making to Achieve Startup Success – Startup Magazine

Multiple articles on Medium and LinkedIn.

Book Reviews I’ve Done for Others

Embedded Sustainability – The Next Big Competitive Advantage

Reprinted in “Triple Bottom-Line”, a publication of the Asiatic Public Relations Network, Issue 19.

Business Podcaster and Management Innovation Ideas

Evolutionary Provocateur podcast with over 75 programs.(www.management-issues.com/eprovoc)

Stoos Sparks Management Innovation webinar programs.(www.stoossparks.com).

Clients say….

A brilliant mind, a sensitive and intuitive being who sees the big picture, how everything fits together who shows individuals how they can move forward in practical heartfelt ways! You engage participation in whatever aspects of the change a person-corporation-group is ready to embrace toward self-actualization . Dr. Nelie Johnson www.awarenesheals.ca

The greatest value Dawna has given me aside from a wealth of resources and her podcasts on Management-Issues.com is Dawna’s way of articulating the collective content in fresh, poignant, and thought-provoking way.  Which for me, helps me creatively and analytically develop a more comprehensive perspective to my own tools, methods and communication. Dawna Jones is truly valuable and insightful.  She helps connect the Millennial mind and Baby Boomer drive, as businesses continue to define their facility and workplace environments.

Frank Ellin, Business Performance Analyst


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