From Hierachy to High Performance

A collaborative effort of Great Workplace Cultures, From Hierarchy to High Performance offers readers several different ways to look at the reality of the workplace engagement and design.

Dawna's contribution is entitled:
How Companies Create Costs by Ignoring Employee Well-being

Decision Making for Dummies-A Guide to 21st Century Decision Making

 \"Decision\"Decision-making in volatile unpredictable conditions requires a much higher level of awareness and depth perception to see the interrelationships and deep dynamics that is impacting what is observable on the surface.\"

Making decisions in a complex environment requires flexible thinking, knowing when to use creative or linear thinking, spotting leverage points to leverage your time and effort effectively while minimizing error. Bringing more of your potential on-line gives you access to talents now well hidden from view. It’s time for expansion. The world needs more of what you’re capable of. So does business. Otherwise, companies will fail to adapt quickly enough. - Dawna Jones

Decision Making for Dummies includes:

Key Ingredients, Company Culture, Knowing and Growing Yourself as a Decision-Maker, Self and Organizational Awareness for Better Decisions, Learning from Mistakes and Unintended Consequences, Converting Hindsight into Foresight, Intuitive Decision-Making, Laying the Groundwork, Walking Through the Decision-Making Process, Tackling Various Types of Business Decisions, Exploring the Decision-Making Tool Kit, Strengthening Relationships with Employees and Customers, Making Decisions as a Manager, Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner, Using Change to Achieve Personal Fulfillment, Facilitating Participatory Decision-Making Meetings, Making Decisions about Partnerships and Joint Venture, Setting Ethical Standards plus the Ten Tips for Decision-Making in Uncertain Situations, Secrets Behind Ethical Decision-Making.

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“Decision Making for Dummies” should be fearlessly displayed and kept close at-hand because of the quality of insight that it provides. - D.R. Jeanclerc

\"A Decision-MakingToolkit for our Times\" -Rod Collins, Strategy Innovation Expert

\"Whether you are a senior leader or a beginning manager, this book is a helpful guide for the increasingly more difficult challenges of decision making in our rapidly changing world. Dawna Jones’ fresh approach shows business leaders how to effectively integrate analytical data and intuitive intelligence to solve the paradoxical problems of digital age businesses. Recognizing that there is a wide range of organizations from traditional “command and control” to more innovative “bossless” companies, the author provides a comprehensive toolkit that will enable all of her readers to improve their decision-making skills. Filled with practical methodologies for today’s business environment, this book presents the essential tools for decision making in our unique and unprecedented times.\" - Rod is the author of Wiki-Management and the former COO of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

 Stephen Denning, Forbes Contributor from List of Eight Noteworthy Books for 2014.

\"This book by Dawna Jones offers practical help, with a serious contribution to the literature on decision-making. In fact, it’s everything you wanted to know about decision-making but were afraid to ask. It offers a comprehensive guide to the issues one should be thinking about when one is making a decision, particularly a difficult decision. It is strong on the deeper meaning of decision-making: it helps leaders understand the impact of their choices, not only on their organization but also on their own credibility and reputation.\"

Valuable to a wide range of decision-makers in all different types of organizations

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Contributor to 'The Intelligence of the Cosmos' by Ervin Laszlo

 Why are we here? New Answers from the Frontiers of Science

Dawna Jones contributed a chapter on the new purpose of business, the value of consciousness perceiving deep dynamics, self-organizing and decision-making to "The Intelligence of the Cosmos' by Ervin Laszlo

Contributor to Handbook for New Paradigm Research by Ervin Laszlo

To set the research agenda for the next ten years what do you think we should be looking at? I believe game science as applied to organizational transformation will leverage transformation.



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