Empathic Immersive Transformative Tech Solutions to Restore Workplace Health

The cost of depression and anxiety to companies and economies is high. In Canada according to the Conference Board, about $50 Billion annually is lost to anxiety and depression. Worldwide, over 300 million suffer. 

Companies block recovery and increase their costs by failing to recognize three pivotal things:  1) Stigma blocks recovery; 2) Management style and pressure to meet unrealistic metrics and goals create both anxiety and depression; 3) Social and emotional disconnection lie at the heart of the matter.

Anxiety : anx·i·e·ty

1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

2. desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.

Depression: Repression of expression; depleted heart, biochemical mayhem, loss of sense of control, initiative affecting outlook on life.

Anxiety often leads to depression so moments of anxiety signal the turning point where you can respond to adverse conditions in a healthier way. 

What lies at the heart of the matter?

Care and Connection to Meaningful Values and Work

Disconnection from meaningful work, meaningful values, to what matters to you in this life, disconnection from heart-centered compassionate relationships and from nature all contribute to overwhelming isolation from yourself and the world. Before you fall down that rabbit hole you have a choice.  And the community you work with can help you and themselves simultaneously.

BounceForward is for people who go to work each day feeling lost or disconnected and for the people who they work with who may feel care but don’t know how to help, or who perceive anxiety or depression as a weakness.  It is time to replace stigma with serious skills for navigating a very uncertain yet exciting world from all sides.

How? BounceForward- An Ecosystem for Reconnecting 

BounceForward ReConnect is an empathy-based experiential live action experience offered through VR in a game format. The aim is to remove stigma to depression starting with workplaces, to restore self-efficacy in the person feeling anxiety and to, ultimately recalibrate workplaces to stop suppressing talent, but to engage it instead. When the fog of anxiety clears, personal and organizational higher purpose can be achieved. 

Prototype #1: BounceForward ReConnect is an interactive empathic immersive digital experience designed for managers and co-workers to discover how to best open a conversation with someone who is failing to perform to expectation, repeatedly overwhelmed, or taking a ton of time off work for self-care (which is a workplace culture problem). 

It is not the whole solution, but it is the part few are paying attention to. BounceForward is part of an ecosystem to regenerate self-efficacy through use of digital transformative tech. 

The project is seeking prototype funding and tech collaborators. Please contact Dawna Jones if you are interested in learning more.