Insight to Action Podcast (current) and the Evolutionary Provocateur podcast (2008-2016)

Current Podcast: From Insight to Action for Business Innovators and Innovation

As complexity pushes for greater participation and agility workplace design and leadership skills are being re-examined to gain greater contribution from employees and all eyes, ears on deck. Learn about diversity, great workplace cultures, higher levels of leadership. Gain insight into accelerating performance and discover more companies implementing made to fit self-management.

The Evolutionary Provocateur Podcast

The Evolutionary Provocateur podcast is for managers, leaders at every level who realize that change for the better is driven by vision, a strong sense of inspired purpose and a different way of thinking. Guests include Steven Kotler, Simon Sinek, Doug Kirkpatrick, Rod Collins, Steve Denning, Jos de Blok, and a host of other perspectives each offering tools and doorways to business achieving life-enhancing results. Restorative and regenerative business.

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Business Podcast Episodes Self-Management

2016 presents a series on self-managed companies and ways of operating to create higher engagement, greater flexibility and agility.

Self-Managed Companies

Tomatoes and Self-Management: Morning Star

The story of the world’s largest tomato processing company and their decision to be a self-managed company. A conversation with Doug Kirkpatrick.

The Road to Self-Management: Matt Black Systems

Aeronautics company Matt Black Systems found the traditional style of managing far too costly so through a series of experiments they went from traditional to their own brand of self-management – Fractalism.

Revolutionizing Health Care: The Buurtzorg Way : Dutch health care company Buurtzorg’s CEO, Jos de Blok, explains the evolution of Buurtzorg from vision to a simple, flat organisational structure and self-governing nurse teams to deliver better health outcomes, increase both patient and staff satisfaction and reduce costs.  Starting out with just four nurses, Buurtzorg has grown to 9,700 nurses and 850 teams serving 70,000 patients a year by 2015 using a principle based approach.

Self-Managing Governance Structures and Processes

It all begins by getting started. You have to start with finding out what will fit for you. To give companies ideas and learn from what is available listen to these programs:

Redistributing Power – Sociocracy 3.0 with Michael Gothe of CRISP and James Priest of S3

Swedish tech company CRISP boldly goes where other companies hesitate so they’ve been working with Sociocracy 3.0 and James Priest for a number of years. S3 is a modular way of trying on self-managing processes for decision making and more. M. Gothe  from CRISP and James Priest explain.

Getting to Grips with Agile with Jason Little and Jay Goldstein:

Lean and Agile are software development methods that have an inherent mindset built-in. Put the customer first, stay open to adjustments, for instance. There is a collision between traditional command and control management and a more Agile (fit for flexibility) approach. In this conversation Jason Little, author of Lean Change Management and Jay Goldstein, co-lead of the Learning Consortium, explains what Agile is and why it rocks the world view of traditional thinkers.

Can Flexible Companies Scale? with Steve Denning:

When a software dev process like Agile becomes a mindset can the shift in thinking power a totally engaged workplace? Steve Denning describes what happens when the Learning Consortium asked these questions and then held site visits with early adopter companies like Microsoft, Riot Games, Magna, and Ericsson. Click here to see the Learning Consortium report.

Dipping Into LiquidO with Stelio Verzera:

Italian innovation company (and my collaboration partners of choice!) have designed an agile governance system they call LiquidO. Co-founder Stelio Verzera explains.

Leading in a Boss-less Company with Michael Pacanowsky

W.L. Gore has had a boss-less business culture from the beginning. Michael Pacanowsky worked and consulted inside W.L. Gore & Associate for 29 years and has now returned to academia as the Gore-Giovale Chair in Business Management at the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College. He explains how boss-less management works and describes what the Center for Business Innovation is doing to support change agility.

Implementing Holacracy with Anna McGrath (consultant to Zappos)

Operationalizing Holacracy with Tom Tomison of encode.org and Holacracy One

An Open Architecture for Open Participatory Organizations with Bonnitta Roy

Nearsoft with Matt Perez

Nearsoft modelled their culture off of pioneer Semco lead by Ricardo Semler.

Insight to Action podcast EP5 – Creating Freedom to Contribute in Your Workplace

Menlo Innovations with Rich Sheridan

Insight to Action podcast EP7  – The Business Value of Joy

Vistaprint Learns from Menlo and Steve Denning updates us on the Learning Consortium

EP8 Peer to Peer Learning

How Vistaprint took a site visit to Menlo and used it to rethink their business culture. Steve Denning updates us all on the latest Learning Consortium results.



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