Digital Transformation and Implications for Decision-making

This podcast playlist covers conversations spanning AI, blockchain, and other disruptors making up the complex, uncertain and volatile part of VUCA conditions. It draws largely from my second podcast: Inspirational Insights hosted by Pippa and available on Spotify

How Disruptive Will Blockchain Be to Financial Services? with Michael Mainelli
I'd interviewed Michael Mainelli when his book Wicked Problems and the Price of Fish came out so in 2016 we talked about what he was seeing. I met Michael again in London around the time of the Battle of Ideas. In this episodehe gives you a good idea of what more blockchain is besides being associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


When Easier Doesn't Produce the Best Results with Daniel Ospina
Complexity and chaos are often misunderstood as negative elements but what happens when you view them as positives. In this episode, Daniel conducts an experiment to see whether a chaotic approach produces better results than the expert model. Listen in to find out what happened.

AI, Ethics and Governance with Robbie Stamp

As AI is received as both a threat and opportunity are we asking the questions we need to be asking? Or will we fall into unintended consequences without consciously thinking through how AI should or could contribute to thorny governance issues? Robbie Stamp breaks down the discussion into chewable digestible areas worthy of consideration especially if you are a decision-maker.

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