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Workshop: Handling Uncertainty in the Decision Making Process-Bringing Your Body’s Technology On-Line

The highest performing and most agile companies in the world work with uncertainty to develop creative solutions to emergent issues. In the context of high-speed complex change, an over abundance of data is not always in the form you need. And how do you blend it with your gut instinct?

Getting to know your personal blueprint for seeing and sensing the best decision in the context of complexity starts with greater self-awareness and self-knowledge. Otherwise focus is too narrow, options either too many or too few and key information in the working environment gets missed. Learning from high stakes mistakes strengthen your decision-making tool-kit.

Today, uncertainty and unpredictability are the new norm.  With complexity, most of the information you need is outside of your immediate view. And since the days of engineering controllable outcomes are over you need more tools to see subtle influences.

In this workshop:

  1. Identify your intuitive strengths that blend social data with factual giving you insight. Apply listening and sensing to detect what isn’t in clear view.
  2. See how focus in decision making can intentionally stimulate innovation and achieve cost savings.
  3. Observe the conditions in your workplace that steer decisions away from growth.  Identify patterns companies fall into when making decisions.
  4. Learn why making mistakes builds decision-making strength. You’ll also learn why setting an environment for making mistakes is key for leadership and business growth.
  5. Install checkpoints to mitigate risk of error caused by complacency. Use diversity of perspective to make better decisions.

On-Line Programs

Radical Business Transformation Blueprint  – A 6 Week On-line Overview of What Leaders and Decision Makers need to pay attention to.

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