A Radical Conscious Business Transformation Blueprint for Thriving Personally and Organizationally

Business systems and culture of the majority of companies were designed for simple, more predictable times – not for innovation or creative response to emergent issues. Now leaders MUST be able to see the interaction of the formal distribution of power with the informal networks of performance. If you can’t, you need this program. 

A Conscious Business Blueprint to Succeed in Uncertainty is an online decision making awareness and mindset program.

Delivered on-line over six weeks, it takes participants from seeing reality on the surface to seeing what’s driving the results. It’s a program bringing you advanced ways of working with yourself and others, working with neuroscience and the power of the human spirit.

Applies to business cultures, creativity, innovation, employee engagement, change.

Delivered in six modules.

Contact Dawna to receive the overview. 

What are the risks of business as usual? 

 Carrying on as if business as usual is a viable strategy is high risk. 

  1. Startups will come up with tech that replaces your business model instantly. Only you won’t see it coming. Volatility and speed of disruptive new technologies demands innovation.
  2. Company longevity is shrinking fast. From sixty years down to ten years, no matter how big you are. Will yours be next?
  3. Complexity and uncertainty describes the impact of larger world issues, like climate change and changing customer preferences on your speed of response. It doesn’t help that large numbers of employees aren’t engaged in helping the company be successful. Why should they be? Since when was the quarterly report an inspiring goal?

What is the cost of doing nothing?

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