Dawna Jones co-creates, with companies and collaborators, novel ways to adapt fast, strengthen resilience and self-efficacy while connecting the value people bring to the leadership needed.

Increasing complexity and surprises that interrupt routine invite executives and decision-makers at every level to increase their capacity for adapting, achieve well-being, work with diverse perspectives and work well with uncertain, volatile, dynamic conditions.

Adapt Decision making | Emergent Strategy | Develop Self-efficacy

Working with Dawna

Over several decades of facilitating strategy, partnering, team performance, conflict, communication issues across multiple sectors one thing became clear.

We are all human no matter what area we work in.

What sets each situation apart is the openness to learning, to creating together, to becoming better at being human personally or when playing with others in the sandbox of working life. Every person brings a piece of the picture to the puzzle image showing on the surface. Diversity has a high value when seeking to generate sustainable decisions.

Beneath the surface of behaviours is a set of deeper dynamics which determine what succeeds or fails, the quality of the workplace social environment which in turn impacts the quality of the decisions. I see those dynamics and then we create solutions that work for people.

Big picture thinking is essential if you want to achieve something significant and so is the capacity to care, to read the underlying beliefs that enble or block leaps in learning, creativity and response to increasing ambigous conditions.

I read the underlying dynamics in complex dynamic conditions to see a clear direction, make decisive yet empathic decisions that have meaning and regenerative impact.

The world needs every ounce of human potential to be engaged in creating a healthier vital ecosystem of interactions within and between humans and also with all living creatures. In a world where fear is actively cultivated, it is up to each person to use the fear as a motivator for increasing self-efficacy — capacity to work with adverse conditions as a generative process.

I work with you and the organization to connect the individual’s contribution to what difference you’re making in the world — a higher meaningful purpose.

Ethical decision-making sits at the core. Principled approaches to complex situations simplify complexity while respecting the non-linear nature of how the world really works.

Expanding your intelligences to bring your whole self to work is also a part of what we do.

  • Expect to be challenged, stretched but not to breaking point.
  • Expect novelty, to see things differently, to replace fear with curiousity. Expect flexibility, focus and freedom to adapt.
  • Expect to see the world through a wider lens knowing that the success of the whole depends on the success of the individual.

Nature is a master of using complexity to manage resilience. Expect to play with different lenses to expand your options and see opportunities now being ignored.

Speaking  and Workshops 

Executive Strategic Insights Advisory

Adapting and Emerging

Strengthening Resilience and Self-efficacy

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Pivotal Story

In 2003, I was facilitating an organizational change initiative where everyone had the great intention to make leaps toward a compelling vision. Momentum jumped forward and then, inexplicably, rolled back. Able to see the big picture and how fast things were changing technologically, ecologically, and socially I knew that unless decision-makers seized the opportunity for growth at a personal, leadership, and company level, companies would fail to adapt. Being brought up by a professional naturalist and wildlife photographer and world traveler makes it easy for me to see systemic inter-relationships.

A world traveler, adventurer, progressive thinker, and trailblazer I’m a self-confessed lover of the intersection between the power of the human spirit, learning from interdisciplinary thinking behind every experience.

Compassion-Ethics-Comfort with Uncertainty-Integrity-Wisdom-Trust-Making a Difference-Respect-Care

Books – Publications

Decision Making for Dummies published by Wileys, October 2014.

Contributor/Co-author to:

The Intelligence of the Cosmos by Ervin Laszlo

From Hierarchy to High Performance with Doug Kirkpatrick, Josh Levine, Bill Sanders, Ozlem Brooke Erol, Anna McGrath, Sue Bingham


Insight to Action podcast Inspirational Insights (2016-current)

An eclectic mix of human, leadership and business consciousness, global governance and practical things companies are doing to move to a more cooperative and collaborative state. Also available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play.

Evolutionary Provocateur (2008-2016)

Published on iTunes and Management-Issues.com  Intuition, companies that mimic life, self-managed organizations, quantum leadership, Agile as an organizational change instigator and more.

Both Podcasts are on iTunes

Blogger: Huffington Post Great Workplace Cultures
See the list of articles contributed to HuffPo Great Workplace Cultures on this page.


  • Restoring Clarity When Life Seems Confusing AKA Eight Simple Steps to Get What You Want from Life the Octopus Way
  • The Leadership Challenges of VUCA
Other Published Articles
  • The Evolutionary Imperative for Business Noetic Science Institute
  • Refresh Your Decision Making to Achieve Startup Success – Startup Magazine
  • Moving Successfully to an Executive Role published by Business Expert Press. Available as a free download.

Also see Medium @DawnaJones

Book Reviews

Embedded Sustainability – The Next Big Competitive Advantage
Reprinted in “Triple Bottom-Line”, a publication of the Asiatic Public Relations Network, Issue 19.


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