Statistica issued an interesting infographic that illustrates the systemic effect of how the formation of the EU impacted violent deaths in Europe. The image answers the question: Has the EU had a positive effect on member nations from the point of view of violent deaths?

I include it in the #DecisionLab (something I invented to use the news to elevate awareness of decision-making) because it illustrates that the focus of a decision to form or disband the EU, the effect goes beyond economic to bring people together toward commonality over differences. Infographic: The Real Reason Europe Needs The EU | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

How many other decisions can we see where the intent of the decision goes one way, but the systemic effect is wider reaching? Take any of the political decisions coming out of the US that aim to “Put America First”. Trade tariffs ignore the impact on US companies that operate globally and so in effect deal a punishing blow to US companies. Removing environmental protections give companies operating irresponsibly an excuse to compromise the quality of life and health of a nation’s citizens while compromising the health of the economy in the medium to long-term. The cumulative effect is to make America last; at the bottom. Recovery is a long uphill road because it is much easier to destroy than to collate leadership to rise above fear and make the progressive decisions needed to restore progress.

Brexit was characterized by a disturbing trend, to use the emotions of the populace as a manipulative tool to secure a win or to punish the winning side with judgment and blame. Both lack vision. Neither moves a nation toward a greater capacity to lead while meeting the needs of its citizens. Increasingly, companies are being asked to work with decisions as if they have an impact (newsflash-they do!!) and to take the impact into account before inflicting suffering, confusion or emotional distress which only makes the decision-making climate worse.

While not all decisions hold predictable systemic effects there are certain predictable effects an arm’s length away if one steps back to check before leaping into the mud of emotional manipulation.

Can we collectively consider the possibility that politics as an institution is failing to meet the needs of citizens and that to do so, requires greater care and compassion plus a willingness to take the longer view beyond the four-year term? Your views…?


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