The challenges humanity faces today can not be solved by relying on governments or nation-state consciousness. If it could then poverty would have been eradicated and ecological and social health would be as important as money.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for raising the bar on business integrity by breducing risk and engaging employees in purpose that truly matters. Businesses can play a critical role in regenerating social, ecological, governance and economic vitality through inspired action and innovation.

Elevate Strategy Discussions to Achieve Global Sustainability 

GapFrame is a visual dynamic depiction of how well humanity is doing to achieve economic, ecological, social vitality and the role of governance in your nation and planet-wide. Developed by Business School Lausanne, it raises the level of strategy to a visionary purpose. What are you doing to close the gap in your nation?

See for your country’s state of health and more ways to see the bigger picture.


Connect Strategy to Achieving an Inspirational Purpose

Companies limit their aspirations to surviving economically. But what if by making a significant contribution you did much better than survive? What if a unifying principle embedded in decisions could increase cohesion throughout your organization?

The three portals for engaging staff while reducing costs of stress-related illness are:

  1. Transforming leadership. Use adversity and uncertainty to increase ability to work with complex as an ally. Invest in self-development and experience in working with system-wide issues.
  2. Instilling unifying ethical principles into decision-making where ethics means “do no harm”. Ethical principles and shared values root decision-making in caring about the impact of the actions you and your company take.
  3. Investing in your own self-development and self-realization to keep up with the increased level of responsibility and complexity that goes with executive-level decisions, regardless of your position. Directly tie your self-leadership and decisions to the fortunes of your Nation, your community, or the planet as a whole.

Who are you and what do you see as your place in the world?

Contact Dawna to facilitate higher-level strategic decisions that illicit a more inspiring purpose and principles to unify decisions. Truly engage creative talent. Link personal-collective leadership to moving the needle on highly engaging goals.