Insight – A sudden shift in perspective that opens a new way of seeing into the underlying truth or true nature of a situation.

In a world loaded with complexity and fast-moving change the capacity to shift perspective and strengthen adaptive agility is a strategic necessity.

Speaking Themes

Equipped with intelligent and intuitive insights, decision-makers can expand their capacity to use complexity fluently, create meaningful outcomes and greater value. For every speaking topic, there is a customized workshop serving as a companion if desired. You’ll find more listed under Programs.

Topic #1: Transforming the Leadership Culture

Reducing Resistance to Change through Leadership

Audience: All Layers of Management

Resistance is a signal of voices not being heard.

As Executive roles increase in complexity, advancing a wider view and empathic listening is imperative to meet company goals. Low levels of employee disengagement signal a different approach. This executive brief brings insight into how to work with complexity more effectively at the cultural and decision-making level. Leaders will learn ways to raise the leadership bar, improve the quality of decision-making relationships, while increasing adaptive ability.

Talk to Dawna about customizing the message to fit your current view of business realities.

Topic #2:  Shifting Perspective: Companies as Living Communities – Engaging and Enabling

(for change agents and decision-makers -managers responsible for effecting change)

Companies are living, networked communities working collectively toward achieving a shared goal. Conventional change methods rely on changing the parts rather than working with the whole system leaving the immune system untouched. By applying principles from systems thinking you’ll gain insight into how to choose change processes that fit complexity.

Themes: – Why your business needs a holistic approach
– How to avoid the pitfalls of traditional change methods
– The three principles that will make you rethink the way you lead and innovate
– Understand how systems work as living organisms with humans in the center

Topic #3: Using Ambiguity and Uncertainty to Strengthen Decision Making

No app can replace the power embedded in your biology. Although working with uncertainty and complexity means not knowing what will happen next, you have unrealized intelligence to draw on. Learn how social and emotional data informs the timing and impact of key initiatives.

  1. How to improve accurate interpretation.
  2. How perception informing decision-making is distorted by inflexible thinking or hidden biases that only design can solve.
  3. Uncertainty leverages your growth and helps you make better decisions under pressure. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Topic #4:  Leveraging Adversity to Advance Innovative Capacity

Unpredictable conditions break up internal decision patterns opening up opportunities to connect the value people bring to the leadership needed. The rush to return to normal post-Covid denies the opportunity to engage the workforce in stretching for an aspirational purpose and achieve wider benefit while innovatively handling complex issues. Traditionally managed companies are heading straight for a wall unless adverse conditions are used to build creative muscle — resilience. But what do you do when entrenched beliefs block the capacity of talent? Gain insight into the underlying forces that block innovative capacity and how managers can remove barriers to satisfaction and organizational accomplishment.

Customized to fit the challenges facing your company this talk bridges the past to designing agility and the future.

Topic #5. Using Life’s Interruptions to Gain Personal Leadership Resilience

How do you use what shows up and turn it into leadership resilience?

Not only does life not always go according to plan, but the assumptions about stability and security are also being challenged as larger economic, social and ecological issues emerge. Whether an unexpected interruption in your personal life has thrown you for a loop or whether you care about making a difference on a larger scale face adversity with a sense of purpose and belonging.

Walk away with relevant tools and personal skills to convert the worst that’s happened to you into a better way to lead your life at home or work.

All experiences are customized to sync with your business goals. See Workshops here.

Other Tidbits
To activate a quantum leap in leadership, Dawna started the Evolutionary Provocateur podcast in 2008. Author of Decision Making for Dummies, a speaker,a tad nomadic and a maverick, Dawna works with tech, human potential, and adversity to strengthen resilience and transformation to leadership. The Inspirational Insights podcast is aimed at raising the consciousness and know-how to create great workplaces and a quantum shift in the role of business in society. Her previous podcast: The Evolutionary Provocateur is on iTunes and some episodes on

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