“Thank you for bringing such fundamental, relevant and inspiring perspectives to the discussions about leadership and decision making during the Agile People conference! I believe your contribution was the most controversial one, and hence the most important one in terms of shifting people’s perception of reality!” – Thomas Kirkegaard, Inneox Arena

“Dawna is probably the most thought provoking speaker I have had the pleasure of knowing. After hearing her speak, I felt more empowered to reach out to people to expand the opportunities in my business and to meet the challenges of global citizenship. I recommend her highly as a speaker at your next event!”
– Christina Horvath, mortgage broker

“Dawna’s session on changing Business Culture blew my socks off!  The Agile community needs more people like Dawna involved to bridge the void between “Agile Coaching” and organizational change.” – Jason Little, author, Lean Change Management, #LESS2012, Tallin, Estonia