How Insights Bring Value to Wicked Problems with Gary Klein #podcast

From Insight to Action popped out of a coffee conversation with Vancouver marketer Sherrin Western in 2001.Until I met Gary Klein, I really didn't know what an insight was but knew that I saw things others didn't. The title of his book: Seeing What Others Don't revealed the source and secret behind the value of insights to me, you, companies, innovation, humans in charge of change and police officers.  Immediately I understood why insights offer value and so will you when you listen to his research and stories.

Companies Ask for Innovation, then Block Insights - Why?

It is a good question. If companies knew the impact of Six Sigma and other mistake-finding processes, they would stop. That is, if they were serious about adapting to business conditions. Why do companies ask employees to be innovative then block the insights at the source of solutions? Gary Klein shares his research about the value insights bring to companies, how companies block innovation and work against themselves.

You’ll learn:

  • What insights are and why they have such high value to business for innovation and solving wicked problems
  • How Six Sigma and stamping out errors stamps out innovation
  • Where insights come from and how you can recognize your insights
    How chains of command filter out insights and why no one person should have the right to veto an idea
  • Why curiosity is better than counting errors and why celebrating being right is more effective than focusing on errors.

Gary Klein is a research psychologist famous for his work in pioneering the field of naturalistic decision-making. Among his books are Sources of Power and Intuition. In this interview we talk about his book, Seeing What Others Don't: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights. His keen observations and inquiry skills builds a bridge between theory and life. You will find Gary’s books online at Amazon and other retailers. His work is also included in Dawna’s Decision Making for Dummies.

Dawna Jones, host of the Insight to Action podcast and writer of this blog..., is an author and change innovator specializing in the deep dynamics of transformation at a human and organizational level. She blogs monthly for the Huffington Post Great Workplace Cultures; wrote Decision Making for Dummies and has contributed a chapter on the new purpose of business to Ervin Laszlo’s The Intelligence of the Cosmos being released in mid-October, 2017. You can find Dawna on Twitter @EPDawna_Jones and on LinkedIn.

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