Make the Switch to People Inspired Change – Video

How Performance Works

The biggest myth I hear bandied about is that it takes a long time for an organization to change. Yet when companies have hit a crisis they either fail or rally their initiative and creativity to come  up with a game changing initiative. Toyota applied cybernetics. Herman Miller invented an unusual chair and bet the farm on it – they won. So we know it can be done. How can companies change before crisis? People inspired change works off of networks not hierarchies. And that changes everything!

The easiest way is to apply change processes that work for a socially networked system. After all, that’s what produces performance – people working together toward a common goal.

I explain why.

Video produced by Red Shoe Savvy and Patricia Lambert. Much thanks!

Consequently when the self-organizing nature of networks is ignored, change takes longer because the assumption is that change is a matter of will over meaning or inspired action.

Think back to why and how you last accomplished a goal with your team.

Who did you talk to?

Who would you remove from the network and what would be lost?



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