Format: Speaking and Workshop

Navigating Transformation: Liberate Stuck Projects, REading the Deep Dynamics, Shift Perspective while Developing Thinking Agility > increase the success of transformation initiatives.

Within 15 minutes of the first day, Dawna widened our perspective to perceive a worldwide holistic view on problem-solving and decision-making. After that, she took us on a rollercoaster of scientific insights into the human mind and brain, inspiring stories, real-life demos of previously elusive practices, looking beyond agility, reaching beyond basic system thinking.

Dawna made sure the participants shared their current ‘stuck’ issues (big or small) and gradually exposed the underlying systems that lead to/enforced those issues. In the follow-up, it became clear that Dawna’s session had a serious impact on the participants’ worldview. We have definitely been set on the right track to evolve from surface-dwelling decision-makers to intuitive sensing experimenters. – Bruno Dauwe, Manager BU Agile in the Core, Cegeka

Who for:
Transformation leads, executive change sponsors, agile and agility proponents internally and externally, intact teams, project and program managers.

Option 1: Stuck Projects

Option 2: Developing Oversight to Address the Undertow in the Immune System

Plan for 3 days

In a chaotic world, you need to know how to navigate what’s in-between the world you’re in and the one you seek to co-create. It is that messy situation where both parts are pulling and pushing against each other. This workshop uses your stuck projects — the ones not being implemented — to see what is running underneath, then come up with an action plan. You’ll exercise your leadership empathy, make decisions with fluidity when everything feels at odds; maintain clarity while navigating ambiguity without pretending everything is perfect. You’ll make the connection between the design of the organization and the design of the decisions required to liberate productive energy; find solutions with speed and agility – so that no matter what happens, you can adapt on the fly.
This is a learning lab so be prepared to leave all ego at home so you can learn with less stress while strengthening relationships.

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