No Limits Enterprise

The No Limits Enterprise

with Doug Kirkpatrick

on the Inspirational Insights Podcast

Doug Kirkpatrick is the author of The No-Limits Enterprise and has been working in self-management since the beginning of Morning Star. I spoke to him on this episode of the Inspirational Insights Podcast to learn what kinds of practices work equally well in traditional and self-managed companies along with the personal competencies needed. 

Companies are exploring better ways of working on getting around the slow speed of centralized decision-making and the high cost of layers that impede effective communication vertically. Self-management is one alternative and not just because the approach treats people like high-value humans. Self-management practices embed responsibility and commitment to every aspect of getting things done. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • free will
  • autonomy
  • commitment and responsibility
  • use of power
  • moving from assumptions to explicit agreements

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Love to hear your feedback. Take a look at From Hierarchy to High Performance, a book I co-authored with Doug and five other members of the Great Work Cultures community. 

You may also find this podcast episode on the practicality of self-management with Doug interesting.


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