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Places People Love!

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying “We shape our buildings, and afterward, our buildings shape us.” In my nine-year stint looking after homes, and from my professional experience with workplaces I observed this to be very true. In one home, all eyes were oriented toward the television. In another, no TV would be in sight. In yet another, I would notice I would be inclined to get outdoors; in the next, I would cocoon. Workplaces have the same yet more subtle effect on decision-making, interpersonal communication and on the quality of workplace relationships. While unconscious to most, the effect is observable.

In 2012, when speaking at LESS#2012 conference in Tallin, Estonia, we toured the Skype offices. Their workplace was designed for functional alignment. Creative spaces were designed to be relaxing in keeping with the alpha brain wave state required for creativity. Food spaces were more social.

Skype Offices in Tallin, Estonia, 2012

When I came across Ricardo Peralta and Vladic Roskin of Places People Love, I knew they had the level of profound understanding of spatial flow needed for companies to benefit from creating healthy interactions fit for humans. Simply by paying attention to the energy created in the space, by making spaces safe, better decisions result.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the design of the space as a strategic decision, environmental physics, and how companies can benefit their people through healthy workspaces, that in turn supports human health. It is fundamentally simple.

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