Understanding the Practicality of Moving to Self-Management with Doug Kirkpatrick #podcast

Raised on pioneer Morning Star’s self-management practices, Doug Kirkpatrick experienced autonomy from the start. His book, Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization, is now revised to include updates and more stories of companies taking steps toward self-management plus the compelling benefits.

In this interview with Insight to Action host and global change agent, Dawna Jones, they talk about:
• Why the term is ‘beyond empowerment’ and the fatal flaw in empowerment programs,
• Why the term employee is obsolete and the importance of language in the future of work
• Why you are already self-managing and didn’t realize it
• Why you can’t be fired in a self-managing company
• Why change is fluid and non-threatening in a self-management context
• How decisions get made
• The gamification of financial planning to handle the unpredictable and unknown (plus it’s much more fun than tedious budget processes that take months!)
• How big to small companies are applying the principles and practices of self-management including manufacturing giant Haier.

Doug Kirkpatrick is an organizational change consultant, TEDx and keynote speaker, executive coach, writer and educator. Doug played the first season of his business career in the manufacturing sector, principally with The Morning Star Company of Sacramento, California, a world leader in the food industry. He now engages with the Morning Star Self-Management Institute and other vibrant organizations and leaders to co-create the future of management. Doug regularly blogs for the Huffington Post Great Workplaces.

Dawna interviewed Doug for her Evolutionary Provocateur podcast. That replay is posted on Management-Issues.com Tomatoes and Self-Management

The intro music is provided by Mark Romero of www.markromeromusic.com. Mark’s music creates coherence in the body – you feel better.

Doug is looking for stories of transformation successful or not. Dawna is too. Sometimes they turn into podcasts like Stephenie Gloden’s EP 14 on redesigning the higher education system. Mostly we all learn.

Contact me with company transformation stories here or on Facebook or on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Epic wins or epic fails. All qualify! 

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