We actually contain a built-in ability to rise above restriction, incapacity, or limitation and, as a result of this ability, possess a vital adaptive spirit that we have not yet fully accessed. While this ability can lead us to transcendence, paradoxically it can lead also to violence, our longing for transcendence arises from our intuitive sensing of this adaptive potential and our violence arises from our failure to develop it.

Biology of Transcendence, Joseph Chilton Pearce

Disruptions are opportunities to get better at self-regulation, resilience, and being confident in the face of uncertainty. Navigating uncertainty taps into a wider spectrum of your natural innate talents so that events out of your control are easier. Self-leadership autonomy allows you to be a better team member, stay calm in the middle of chaos, and read situations more accurately.

Current Offering

Getting Past Limits – Peer to Peer Support to Rise above Limits

For women needing the support to claim more flexibility in their lives to balance home, work, while achieving their aspirations.


Autonomy and flexibility have proven to be of benefit to talented women who worked at home. Now that return to work is forcing a return to the office, that flexibility is restricted by the role or the company. A peer-to-peer service is offered as a means to provide talented women seeking to retain flexibility and agency over their work.  The objective is to flip realities where roles define lives into designing your role and follow your aspirations. 

The source is often systemic barriers in the company culture combined with external realities and life’s demands resulting in blocking personal aspirations and values. The Transcendence  Squad is made up of women in similar positions and shared experiences. The service merges creative thinking with peer support to open up options so that participants can retain autonomy while following their aspirations.


  • Discrete insights and learning
  • Supportive community
  • Perspective shifting to find and see a path through barriers
  • Workable strategies that fit your context 
  • Clarity on how to decide forward direction.

Marker of Value: Value received must exceed a 10X value for investment made. Measurement is subjective and shared so we all learn from what did and did not contribute.


Group size: 5-7

Composition: Women coming from different companies who share the desire for flexibility and autonomy and who are willing to support others to achieve their goals.

Iterative Sprints: 

Everyone will need a different amount of time to achieve their purpose for participating. Participants sign up for a sprint and can renew or leave when value has been realized. 

Sprint Rhythm

Sprint spans 6 weeks and includes:

  • Orientation and Aspirations: Participants outline their aspirations, constraints and possible timeframe. 
  • Two 2-hour online meetings to co-create collective strategies based on the objectives outlined in our first meeting.  
  • One 2-hour group session with Dawna to explore options in addition to the ones presented by participants. Discuss support desired or required to make things happen. 
  • Review at end of the sprint to review value, changes and improvements, insights gained, benefits and kind of support to sustain forward movement. 


Commitment is for the first sprint. 

Review at the end of the sprint determines format, and focus for the next. Each participant is responsible for and makes a commitment to communicating openly and transparently on issues or concerns that impact the team so that we can work out a principled protocol collectively.

Confidentiality: This group commits to keeping the conversations within the group unless you feel otherwise. For discussion in the orientation. 

Facilitation and Coaching Support by Dawna Jones

Facilitator is responsible for:

  • contributing safe structure and space for exploration. 
  • insights that result in shifting perspective and opening opportunities.
  • ensuring equal voice and participation (a 2-way commitment). 

Why Dawna?

Dawna Jones started her consulting business as a single parent needing to hit the ground running. Her daughter was 1.5 years old at the time. When her daughter was just about out of high school, she chose to move her work to a higher level of leadership. Being somewhat ahead (like about ten years) of the prevailing thinking it didn’t take long before 2008 showed up and everything crashed hard. With a podcast aimed at raising consciousness and linking business governance to ecological principles, Dawna found herself on the road as an early digital nomad. Nine years later, now very fluent with uncertainty along came Covid and an opportunity for humanity to make a leap of evolution toward business for regenerating ecological, social and economic health. Here we are, ready to learn from what shows up and make a difference.

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Other Programs Options

Sensing to See the Situation: Sense the blocks and enablers buried below visibility in the organization. Identify the patterns that create risk and hold opportunity. Application: Use for strategy pivots, successful implementation of transformation efforts. Support collaborative working environments, clear stuck projects, restore heart and empathy to conflicts.

Making Sense of Life’s Interruptions: Interruptions to life are a chance to liberate undeveloped parts of who you are. Strengthen capacity to self-regulate even in chaotic times. Learning from what happens. Using adverse conditions to evolve out of drama and into greater peace of mind. Application: Developing personal and organizational resilience, using interruptions to achieve personal fulfillment. Stay calm in storms while growing.

Developing Contextual Awareness: Sensing environments to gauge risk-taking moves. Retaining balance when those around you are losing it. Recognize patterns in your own response that are self-limiting. Feel safe and confident in your ability to handle a situation where you have little to no control. Strengthen self-efficacy. Application: in the workplace and risk-taking as a leader and decision-maker and innovator. Read cultural values in a company you are looking to work for.

Contact Dawna for coaching services to develop self-leadership to develop capacity in one or more of the above.

Presentation to Requisite Agility Summit, Summer 2020