Adaptive agility is made of paying attention to connections and what is emerging.  Both characterize how to work in complex, ambiguous, and unpredictable conditions.

Organizations are living systems of interactions, relationships, and aspirations that run horizontally on networks inspired by a shared inspirational goal. 

Adapt Decision-making: Hierarchical organizations with decision-making anchored in authority fail to deliver speed and accuracy. Responsiveness suffers. Talent disengages.

Adapt your decision making process to gain speed, accuracy and responsiveness while adapting to complex uncertainties. Distribute decision-making to the levels where the information is most accurate. Engage everyone in spotting opportunities to adjust and adapt.

Service: Webinar or Workshop on adapting decision-making to meet complexity.
  • Reading the deep dynamics, validating assumptions created by slow or low information flow (enabled by organizational network analysis )
  • Bring your current process, how you read the context, what the attitude is toward risk-taking.
  • Leave with a coherent way to make decisions having a regenerative impact. Respect safety and quality of communications. Mitigate unconscious assumptions. Apply principles for a coherent decision-making framework in volatile conditions. 
Value: Improve the success rate of transformation initiatives. Present sabotaging success through short-termism. Strengthened resilience, and capacity to innovate using interruptions like a global pandemic.

Enabling a Purpose-driven Culture

Companies unintentionally add complexity at a time when more is not better. People want to go to work knowing where they fit in — how their contribution makes a difference. Objective Key Results is a way to reduce complexity while, through elegantly designed software solution, enabling engagement with achieving results. 

Utilize Conflict to Increase Performance in Complexity

Companies that have relied on conflict resolution fail to develop their capacity to work with diversity — essential in complex conditions. A lot of energy can be wasted pitting people against each other instead of using that same powerful force to create better solutions that have a beneficial impact. Complexity demands diversity of perswpective in order to produce solutions that fit, generate health and create a lasting legacy. Higher levels of productivity, trust and teamwork result from investing in the quatlity of relationships, use of conflict, and shift in perspective.

Service: On-line to provide an overview. Off-line to apply the learning. A recurring learning lab to ensure integration and optimal value.

  • Detect when conflict is spiralling downward into destructive bias or dvision.
  • Learn how to redirect conflict to achieve a goal. Cultivate a culture of appreciation for difference. 
  • Strengthen cohesion in teams and personal leadership initiative.
Value: Mitigate risk of disruption resulting from complacency or risk aversion while increasing capacity to work in complex conditions. Embracing and benefiting from diverse perspectives are central to building transformational leadership. 

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