Sounding Board – Decision Makers + Leaders + Coaches

Many executives or Millennials/New hires are aware that habitual practices aren’t working. Despite the abundance of apps, the decision making leverage is in you, the leader. The sounding board service is to support insight, shift perspective and increase accuracy of your intuitive and rational decision making.

Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

  1. Customized to fit your stage of evolution as a leader and a company.
  2. Delivered as part of a development program such as Agile People Sweden.
  3. Delivered to meet in-house needs.

Decision Making for Complexity

When the context is predictable you can afford to make decisions without paying much attention but when it’s uncertain and unpredictable you MUST become far more aware of engaging participation, seeking out diverse perspectives and asking questions. Vigilance is essential. Start either with a custom designed workshop for your company, or virtually with week to week assignments to sharpen skills.

On-line programs are complemented by direct consulting services delivered virtually or face to face.