In this program, host Dawna Jones shares her view on what lies ahead for 2018 in terms of how the wicked problems facing humanity globally, and business can be addressed. She talks about using anxiety to advantage, about collaboration over separation, about the pitfalls of working with a limited view and about the role you can play and the skills leaders require today. 

Consider it a forecast and summation of what opportunities lie ahead in 2018 for business and humans to be better for the world and in the world.


Contact Dawna to discuss why counter-intuitive things work and how to upgrade decisions.


The global and business issues we face today require full employee engagement and a different thinking. Dawna loves to work collaboratively to evolve and transform workplaces to be more ‘fit’, agile and inspiring. By shifting perspective to expose the invisible elements creating routine results, clients gain the strength and clarity needed to remove barriers to growth. Intelligent and intuitive insights strengthen leadership capacity to use complexity fluently and grow beyond the limitations of profit to achieve greater prosperity and value. To activate a quantum leap in leadership, Dawna started the Evolutionary Provocateur podcast in 2008. Author of Decision Making for Dummies, a speaker and a tad nomadic, Dawna is currently working on using Virtual and Augmented Reality to accelerate business culture change and human potential. An original thinker, she brings personal experience with resilience and transformation to her leadership.


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