For Middle to Executive Management; HIPO leaders, Agile and Other Coaches & Transformation Leads

When something happens, like a pandemic, that interrupts the routines of your personal and working life, you are offered the chance to do something bold — use risk to redefine your leadership reputation. Part of contextual awareness involves recognizing how your decisions will affect the big picture in the mid-long term. Quick fixes might solve the immediate issue, but creative leaps make you stand out in a crowded market. Reading the context, sensing the underlying cultural dynamics, knowing when to go against logic, and follow your gut all take a shift in perception at some point. 

Use Dawna’s capacity for perceiving deep dynamics and seeing things differently to test your thinking, feel through high-stakes decisions, and strengthen ethical decision-making when working with complex issues.

Widen your perspective and see solutions waving from the edge. Strategic advisory sessions are customized to meet your needs and shift your perspective so clear direction emerges without loss of empathy.

• Gain clear direction out of a confusing or complex situation.
• Read the dynamics on a deeper level to enable results.
• Work with high-conflict situations generatively.
• Improve how you interpret your intuitive signals. Utilize risk for calculated leadership moves.
• Make sense of complex scenarios and the opportunities available.

This service is offered as a one-off, for a key personal decision, or in a 90-day period to adapt thinking to meet the complexity of your role.

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