What is the future of workplaces, jobs and the economy? with Rod Collins #podcast

Rod Collins believes that we are in the midst of a epochal change.

What is the future of workplaces, your job, the economic restructuring? What does this mean to you? To jobs? To Workplaces? Tracing the path from bureaucracies, how power is being transferred to today’s peer to peer networks, Rod maps out changes to the fundamentals of social dynamics at work. Through original stories about Wikipedia, and Craigslist Rod provides insight into how an idea displaces a business without intending to.

You’ll hear:

  • The 3 evolutionary laws of networks that operate in a hyperconnected world
  • The 4 attributes required for collective intelligence to emerge
  • The real meaning of digital transformation
  • The two massive tasks facing society in response to digital revolution and the need for a new economy
  • The larger implications of innovation on beliefs and health
  • Why a universal basic income is a bad idea

Robotics, the Economy, the Future of Workplaces and Jobs

With the backdrop Rod provides, I certainly hope you're asking yourself the question: How can I prepare? What can I do to be adaptable, to flex my talent muscles and to try on a new role in the world that contributes high value? These are questions that are not required when you seek a job, and then delegate financial security to the company providing you with that safety net.

If I were you, I wouldn't count on that safety net being there. Developing your resilience is the best way to use the surprises that will emerge to bounce forward.

Why? The speed of exponential innovation is driving the need for constant reinvention from a personal to an organizational level. That's exciting! And scary. Fast Company's recent article on China's adoption of robotics poses the question: Will robots sweep away thousands of jobs or create smart businesses? And a related question: Will the advance of robotics inspire the creation of smart economies out of displaced jobs? Granted, a totally new skill set is required and a mindset oriented toward accepting challenges over responding in fear.

Humans are capable of so much more than we are currently seeing manifest. Creative inspired innovation of the likes supported by the XPrize network and Singularity University will become the mainstream not the exception.

Can we take the challenges that robotics, AI and other disruptors present, and convert them into podiums for a higher expression for humanity? Reinvent the future of workplaces by design, not accident.

Podcast Guest-Rod Collins

Rod Collins is the former Chief Operating Executive of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program, where we used the principles and the practices of Wiki Management to realize the greatest five-year growth period in the 54-year history of the business. Today he is the Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors, an international management consulting firm. Author of Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World (AMACOM Books, 2014) Rod’s passion is to work with forward thinking business leaders who understand that managing great change means changing how we manage. Rod writes a monthly blog for the HuffPost Great Workplace Cultures. He’s done two episodes for Dawna’s other podcast – The Evolutionary Provocateur. One is on the Death of Command and Control; the second on Wiki-management.

Podcast Host- Dawna Jones

Host Dawna Jones designs creative ways to get tough conversations and personal leadership to organizational-global transformational tasks accomplished. Her expertise lies in using personal and organizational energy for creative and constructive purposes, decision making in complexity and self-realized leadership. www.InsighttoAction.com Follow me on Twitter http://Twitter.com/EPDawna_Jones or LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnahjones/

Intro and End Music Tracks-Mark Romero Music and Jaron (Ringbearer)

The intro music is provided by Mark Romero of www.markromeromusic.com. Mark is the former CEO of a semi-conductor firm whose music has been scientifically tested and proven to create coherence in the body.

The symphonic artist-owned music track at the end of the podcast has been graciously contributed by metal musician Jaron who Dawna randomly met.

Jaron goes by the name Ringbearer and the track is called Gollum’s Song. Find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ringbearermusic/ and on Bandcamp: ringbearer.bandcamp.com You’ll find the entire album is on Bandcamp: https://ringbearer.bandcamp.com/album/king-under-the-mountain

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