Welcome to ‘From Insight to Action’ and Dawna Jones

40% of todays Fortune 500 companies will be gone in less than ten years. Your company might share a similar fate, unless decision-making uses uncertainty to advantage. Business is in the chaos of mindset expansion driven by exponential change. Will your company transform itself before or after crisis? Or fail.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with the wisdom you bring into the room to spot insights and strengthen your change agent skills. Fluent in personal-organizational growth and the science and spirit behind designing sticky change, I specialize in spotting insights (openings for positive change), seeing the invisible forces that drive what you see on the surface and in unique ways to step ahead – evolve. By tilting perception slightly you can convert risk into opportunity and engage wider participation to agilely adapt to what you can’t predict.

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“Dawna has a very high band width. Her understanding of humanity and what makes it tick allows her to easily intuit the invisible forces in relationships and organizations causing disruption and stress. Her approach is both powerful and unexpected, and leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of self and others. She makes the invisible visible. I highly recommend Dawna as someone committed to your personal and professional well being.” 
– Tom Voccola, CEO, CEO2

“Dawna is like no one else that I’ve worked with. She is genuine. The real McCoy. It’s not her expertise in the field that makes her stand out. It’s her flexibility in her mind and spirit and her genuine compassion and empathy.

If you read Dawna’s book, Decision Making for Dummies, you’ll be amazed at the depth of her understanding of human behavior in the organization. Culture, increasingly a hot topic, is another area where Dawna’s has great expertise and experience.

In short, I value my relationship with Dawna and would highly recommend her.” – Taymour Matin, Data Science Consultant

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