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Speaking - Dawna Jones

October 1-2, 2015 – Milan

The European Organizational Design Forum is having its AGM and an Open Space event. I’ll be there as a special guest. Check out the program pulled together by the innovative and energetic Cocoon Projects. Conference details here. Come join us!

Engaging People Friendly Approaches to Reinventing Organizations

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MINIClearStartup-MagazineStartup Magazine: Refresh Your Decision Making to Achieve Startup Success! 

huff-post-Image Huffington Post – Great Workplaces

If Great Workplaces Outperform the Pack Why Aren’t More Companies Switching? 

Does Survival of the Fittest Apply to the Creative Economy? 

The Value of Transparency in a Merger and Acquisition  


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Achieving Self-Actualization

Workplaces of today demand sharing power, letting go of being right and willingness to tackle the adventure of designing a better world where decisions are connected back to creating health and prosperity for humans and Nature.

To be a global citizen in your personal or your work life, you are being called upon to embody more of your intelligences. It can be challenging, I’ll grant you that!

Ever had things NOT go according to plan? Here’s a glimpse at my journey. (Filmed in 2011).


At you’ll find a ton of resources for self-directing your expansion.

To be coached by me, please contact me. My focus is on using empathy and self-awareness as the portal for making better decisions so that you can function effectively in uncertainty by trusting in yourself.

For group coaching see Action Learning

You provided me with non-judgmental, objective, incisive and deeply intuitive, perspective that I could trust in deciding where to take my business next.” – J. Pedder, President, RonaKinetics

“Dawna’s ability to be present and aware of the variables involved in any given situation is impressive. She has a confidence and integrity that highlight her sound advice. Her holistic slant on decision making makes one think outside of the usually thought filled mind. She can and has changed the way I look at my life.” – Walt Aguilar, formerly of NIHO Land and Cattle Company.



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The Evolutionary Provocateur podcast is for managers, leaders at every level who realize that change for the better is driven by vision, a strong sense of inspired purpose and a different way of thinking. Guests include Gary Klein, former Ford executives Nick Zeniuk and Fred Simon, former HP executive Anne Murray Allen, author and science writer Steven Kotler, Simon Sinek, and a host of other better and lesser known perspectives each offering tools and insights  doorways to business achieving life-enhancing results for employees, customers, society and the environment.

Click on the hyperlink to go to iTunes and see the episode list.


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Action Learning – Using Decision Making to Up Your Leadership Game

Executive and Management Team Decision Mindset Agility

When the underlying cultural beliefs running what you see on the surface are out of touch with emergent reality and speed of change, a different approach is required.

For: Executives and management teams leading the company from the high-risk zone of resistance to change to engaging participation at every level.

“The time I used to spend putting out the fires I unknowingly created I now spend doing the things I really want to do with my kids and for myself.” T. Hansen, CEO Hansen Architectural Systems

One-on-one (limited spots) and executive team coaching is always customized to fit the leap of perspective required. Contact me to discuss the results you want to see.

Team -Peer Coaching

When systemic barriers show up as team-related issues or when inter-personal issues block insight. A different approach is required.

For: Teams stuck in their performance or dealing with conflict for business culture reasons – e.g. Wrong metrics, narrow focus, disconnected silos.

“Dawna’s philosophy and her commitment to personal growth were significant in facilitating the coaches’ process of moving towards their full potential. She worked with them to support greater personal mastery, challenge assumptions, and be open to other ways of dealing with themselves and others to improve their effectiveness in the context of a high performance system.” – Gail Donohue, Sports B.C.

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