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Remote Collaboration: Tips, Insights, and Management 3.0 

Last Program: Doug Kirkpatrick of the Self-Management Institute explains how a boss-less company like Morning Star gets work done.   Click here to watch


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The Business of Rock and Roll


What can rock bands like Metallica, Slayer, U2, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd teach business teams about distributed collaboration, risk management and change? Listen to Dawna Jones' interview with Ruth Blatt to find out.


How does seeing the big picture improve decision making? 

We live in a VUCA world where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity propel us individually and collectively toward raising awareness by seeing the big picture.

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Our goal was to improve team communication. By going beneath the surface to tackle the source of problems, not only did the team’s relationship immediately improve but the work gave us cash savings of 1600% in terms of staff retention over the initial investment. Dawna exceeded my expectations.

John Pater, Director of Information Technology, Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang

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Why Does Change Feel So Overwhelming?

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Here you will find material that you won't find anywhere else, including:

  • connecting sophisticated change leadership skills to facilitating healthier workplaces, beliefs, & behavior
  • deepening capacity for intuitive decision-making (a prerequisite in complex business environments)
  • developing capacity to see the big picture, for ethical and effective leadership. 

Delivering INsights for action: Adapting to the diversity and complexity of the business environment

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