Connecting the Future to Today's Business Model and Decisions

Think like Nature: elevate economic vitality while regenerating social and ecological health

Redesign your business model to Engage, Inspire and Profit from Disruption

Companies are living systems but are managed like machines, suppressing talent and creating waste. One person; one function at a time, reclaim the vitality of the entire organization and its value creating capacity through a networked system-wide approach.

Connect Decision Making to Impact

Replace expediency with effectiveness and fluent response to external changes. By recognizing the inter-relationships and inter-connectivity of relationships, decision-makers can adapt while optimizing creative talent in complex, volatile conditions. Utilize diversity and conflict to seize opportunities to increase and reward value creation.

Emergent Strategy

In complex dynamic external conditions, planning once a year leaves you reacting. Engaging your people in sensing the inflection points permits strategy to be event-driven, emergent and responsive. Learn how to use personal sensing to see opportunities, gain insights and make leaps while your competitors are waiting for stability to return.

Bespoke Speaking-Workshops

To succeed in a world where the pace of change is relentless, leaders must step up and think differently. You need not only an expansive perspective but also a future-focus to provide insights for decisions, direction and immediate action. High impact speaker.


For ten years Dawna has been interviewing global change agents to spark adapting our collective intelligence responsive to emerging realities. Insight to Action podcast and the Evolutionary Provocateur is on iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.

Global Challenges | UN SD Goals

Loss of biodiversity, climate change call for business executives to focus on short term and the long view — a new purpose for business in society. What you engage internally is inspired by who you are and what value you focus on bringing into the world. Employees look to business for leadership. Elevate strategy to reduce risk while contributing to leading through ethics engaging collective power to make a difference to governance health.

Dawna Jones + Collaborators + Delivery Partners

Connected Decision Making - Mastery Using Complexity - Facilitating Emergence
Dawna Jones, Canada

Dawna Jones, Canada

Emergence Facilitation - Sense-making - Strategic Insights - Connected Decisions

Fluent with complex uncertain conditions Dawna brings more than intellectual horsepower and extensive experience in working with team-organizational dynamics. She has a knack for seeing beneath the surface to identify what is going on and then coming up with novel ways to transform for positive impact. Specializing in getting past learned limitations and constricted thinking on complex systemic issues. Future design thinker. Personal to global.

Coaching Coaches

Coaching Coaches

Gail Donohue, Sports B.C.

“Dawna’s philosophy and her commitment to personal growth were significant in facilitating the coaches’ process of moving towards their full potential. She worked with them to support greater personal mastery, challenge assumptions, be open to other ways of dealing with themselves and others to improve their effectiveness in the context of a high performance system.”

Strategic Insights - Contextual Awareness

Strategic Insights - Contextual Awareness

Navigating the Intersection between Leadership & Culture

You are the most brilliant coach I could have ever had as a guide. Never doubt the immense growth that you bring to people. You see through situations in a way that I haven’t seen in anyone else. You profoundly understand the behaviors, the connections, the context and the environment all together in a second.
Being able to read the system like that plus the emotions that I brought to the situations, separate them and objectively guide me has been just perfect. –S.Woloschin

Deep Dynamics - Leveraging Effort

Deep Dynamics - Leveraging Effort

Releasing Creative Talent - Better Decisions

“Dawna has a very high band width. Her understanding of humanity and what makes it tick allows her to easily intuit the invisible forces in relationships and organizations causing disruption and stress. Her approach is both powerful and unexpected, and leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of self and others. She makes the invisible visible. I highly recommend Dawna as someone committed to your personal and professional well being.” – Tom Voccola, CEO, CEO2



Employee Retention

Our goal was to improve team communication. By going beneath the surface to tackle the source of problems, not only was there an immediate ROI by way of improvement in the team’s relationship but the work gave us a real and tangible cash savings of 1600% in terms of staff retention over the initial investment. I expected good things but Dawna exceeded my expectations. For me this was both money and time well invested into the lives of my team.

Personal Group Coaching

When Traditional Business Management Collides with Millennial Sensibility

Personal or Group Coaching

“As a Performance Management Analyst one of my core responsibilities is to stay abreast of current industry trends, research, and best practices and how my company or client can utilize and translate them into their own working environments or business practices. I wanted to learn about tools and methods other people in similar roles were using to track or communicate how cultural and/or organizational changes helping to increase value and productivity. Dawna's way of articulating the collective content in fresh, poignant, and thought-provoking way helped me creatively and analytically develop a more comprehensive perspective to my own tools, methods and communication. She helps connect the Millennial mind and Baby Boomer drive, as businesses continue to define their facility and workplace environments.”

Expanding Awareness-Gaining Freedom

Expanding Awareness-Gaining Freedom

Executive Sounding Board

“The time I used to spend putting out the fires I unknowingly created I now spend doing the things I really want to do with my kids and for myself.” -T. H. CEO



Shaking Thinking

'Thank you for bringing such fundamental, relevant and inspiring perspectives to the discussions about leadership and decision making during the Agile People conference! I believe your contribution was the most controversial one, and hence the most important one in terms of shifting people's perception of reality!" - Thomas Kirkegaard, Inneox Arena

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