Using Complexity to Advance Self-Organizational Leadership

Transforming Organizations for Agility-Applying Creativity for Human-centered Workplaces

Companies are living systems but we treat them like machines. Switching the lens results in better decision making, higher agility, and shedding of habits that just don't work in today's global environment.

Healthy Decision Making Cultures

Make better decisions when the environment supports trust, expanded thinking and diversity of perspective.

Speaking-Workshops- Customized

Massive change pressures decision makers and leaders to step up to a higher level in decision making and consciousness. Seeing the interrelationships is essential to effect responsiveness and agility.

Transformational Insights Sessions: Contextual Self-Awareness

Moving into new decision making and leadership territory calls for a more sophisticated level of skills to read and more accurately interpret the environment. Learn the meta-skills that allow you to more accurately access the situation and set up psychological safety for yourself and others.


For ten years Dawna has been interviewing global change agents to spark adapting our collective intelligence responsive to emerging realities. Insight to Action podcast and the Evolutionary Provocateur is on iTunes, YouTube.

Tackling the Wicked Problems Facing Humanity

From poverty to ecological overdraft humanity faces a number of complex issues. Personal leadership connects to improving the prosperity of a nation, a company, and communities. Ethical and responsible leadership is required. Reconnect personal decision making to collectively restore social, ecological and economic health so all can prosper.

My Pivotal Story

in·sight – The capacity to hold an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. An unexpected shift in the way we understand and perceive things.

Insights provide emerging leaders with leverage to make the bold moves necessary to solve the wickedly complex issues collectively.

Seeing things from a different perspective changes everything: the impact of your decisions, your contribution to designing the world; your health and happiness. From self to organizational to global awareness, working with deep dynamics reveals insight so you can activate human potential and achieve the seemingly impossible.

In 2003, I was facilitating an organizational change initiative. Bold intentions were no match for the underlying beliefs that ran the company’s decisions. Momentum jumped forward and then rolled back to settle on incremental change. In that moment, I knew that unless decision makers broadened their view from linear to seeing relationships and deep dynamics companies would fail to adapt.  Fast forward to today, and companies are failing fast, their employees under pressure to use old practices to solve new problems.

Nature is a master of using complexity to manage resilience. Using simple principles to expand leadership and business agility, resilience and great workplaces, people can bring their whole selves to work. Engaged employees inspired by a higher purpose bounce forward and use adversity to accomplish the impossible. That’s what I believe I am here to help you and your company achieve.

My speciality is in seeing things differently to offer decision makers the leverage and challenge to activate greater engagement of creative talent in themselves and in others.

“To contribute to workplace and community transformation by building a widespread sense of belonging and responsibility where power is distributed, empathy exists and where people can work collectively toward a shared inspiring vision.” (1999-current)

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Dawna Jones

Dawna Jones

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