Decision Making 3.0: Removing Barriers to Growth Using Better Tools

Although it may not look  like decision making isn’t as simple as in the past when data was as readily available and change wasn’t happening at the same speed. Stelio Verzera from Cocoon Projects and I did this short video to explain why.

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Post EODF-Reimagining Organizations Conference, Milan

Post EODF-Reimagining Organizations Conference, Milan

Well, it’s over. Four days of action packed conversations and evening full of great people and great food! I arrived in Milan the day before the start of the EODF conference on Reimagining Organizations. Day 1 was a visit to the Duomo Cathedral where I did my first post. Then the afternoon of October 1st I found, a funky venue where the Masterclasses were being held. Adaptive Organizations with Stelio Verzera and Stu Winby generated a lively exchange of how to transform organizations fast!! Next door was Serious Lego with Lucio Marguli Later, I learned from Lucio that Serious Play is a great tool for storyboarding game design which might in useful for myself and co-designer Leo Ing as we work on Marga, for the VR Oculus Rift.
Masterclass Adaptive Organizations

Here’s a short summary I filmed after arriving at friends near Dijon, France between Milan and London next week.

The warmth of the Cocoon Team and the entire conference experience with more than one giant in the field, most notably Paul Tolchinsky, made a huge impression on me. I’ll be publishing some one minute clips in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Designing Organizations for Creativity

In North America there’s a sense that companies will fail rather than adapt and reinvent their thinking but in Europe conversations are actively exploring how to migrate from an old limited way of working to a new wider more prosperous role in society. The transformation will take creativity and engagement at all levels. To tackle the ‘HOW” question, the EODF’s 2015 conference is being held October 2-3, 2015 in the design centre of southern Europe, Milan, in un-conference style. If you have a topic you care about, bring it to the conversation and share it.

The founder of the European Organization Design Forum, Paul Tolchinsky, and two members (Stelio Verzera and Claudia Pellicori) from the energetic organizing team from Cocoon Projects and I talked about why these conversations are important to designing  the future of work. I LOVE working with this team. So easy to converse and to collaborate. Listen in. Better yet, join us in Milan.

By the way, I featured Cocoon Projects and their ideas for Liquid Organizations in Decision Making for Dummies along with the framework they use for decision making. They offered without hesitation. That says a lot considering I approached several North American based social media companies who either didn’t get back to me (busy, I understand) or who said no. The spirit of collaboration is part of the force required to bump business  out of stagnation or circling the wagons repeatedly. Lots to learn from the Cocoon team! #leadership #innovation #change #innovators