Applying a Platform Design Toolkit with Simone Cicero #podcast

The Insight to Action podcast’s latest episode is with innovator Simone Cicero who has created a platform design toolkit that supports business design. Platform design thinking enables ecosystem thinking and offers a holistic frame to scale faster and cheaper. Key point on the conversation follow:

Simone Cicero explains how platform design thinking enables self-organization giving it an edge over industrial models. The open source Platform Design Toolkit canvases allow you to:
• reduces the complexity of a problem
• gain the advantages of thinking of your business as a sotry
• switch the narrative to empowering ecosystem potential
• collaborate and compete in the same moment

In this conversation with host Dawna Jones Simone Cicero explains how the Platform Design Toolkit:
• Connects platform thinking to learning
• Connects with the existing world of design thinking
• The outcomes the five design canvases generate: transactional and relationship
• The spectrum from vision-prototype-validation and growth hacking
• How platform design help health, for example, achieve more by spending less
• How platforms accelerate scaling
• Two ways to innovate the business of your company.

Listen here:

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On the Platform Design Toolkit site you can download templates, user guides or book a master class.

Simone Cicero
Simone Cicero is a self-starter, strategist, product and service designer interested in co-design, design thinking and innovation. He sees the reasons underpinning change and connects the dots to design relevant and consistent strategies and products. A Lean and Agile practitioner with experience in adapting methodologies, Simone runs workshops for strategy co-creation, product and service design and more. Coaching and participated learning are true paths to innovation.

A blogger and public speaker, Simone speaks about innovation, disruption, resilience and ecosystems. Under the Meedabyte banner, Simone’s content has been featured on forward thinking magazines and blogs such as: Repubblica, Domus, Shareable, Ouishare Media, Les Echos,
Go to to download what you need to think through your platform.

Dawna Jones, host of the Insight to Action program, designs creative ways to get tough conversations and tasks accomplished. Her expertise lies in using personal and organizational energy for creative and constructive purposes, decision making in complexity and self-realized leadership. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIN:

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