In the 54th Insight to Action podcast, Saji Prelis talks to me about violence and the truth behind the negative stories you hear about young people globally; especially in countries where the nation’s political decision-makers are unable to provide security for its citizens. Saji and I met at the Global Challenges Forum gathering in May in Stockholm where we joined other people around the world who are committed to designing a better way to make decisions at the governance level. Core capacity to do so relies on expanding consciousness, compassion and capability to transform the complex issues into wider prosperity for citizens and the region. It cannot happen without a systems view. Cognitive logic is not enough. Understanding violence as a temptation but not the answer can lead to selecting better alternatives.

Understanding what is going on at a grassroots level directly informs the structure and focus for working with inspired young people who have the courage and hold a vision for a better way of getting things done. Sitting here in North America, on the west coast of Canada where let’s face it, life is good, has shown me that courage begins at the crucible of conflict. It doesn’t have to. Collectively and personally we have the option of acting beforehand which is what an optimal governance model should accomplish. Meanwhile, on the ground, the core work is underway to use conflict and violence to meet basic human needs.

If you care about the future of the world we live in and want to know more about how to support young people who are choosing to make a difference Saji Prelis has provided a list of resources that follow.



UN Security Council Resolution 2250, Youth, Peace & Security

Guiding Principles on Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding

Guide to 2250: Everything you need to know about 2250 in one place: what does the resolution say? why does it matter? what can you do with it?

2250 explained: For a more in-depth explanation of the resolution and what it means, read the annotated version.

Amman Youth Declaration: Outcome document of the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, this declaration is a roadmap towards a strengthened policy framework on Youth, Peace and Security. Link provides the Declaration in multiple local languages and country-level efforts.

Agreed UN Language on youth participation in peacebuilding: A report by UNOY Peacebuilders on the language used by the Security Council on Youth between 1995-2013.

Youth Action Agenda to Prevent Violent Extremism and Promote Peace:Outcome document of the Global Youth Summit against Violent Extremism, this document approaches youth participation in countering and preventing violent extremism.


Practice Note on Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding

Translating youth, peace and security policy into practice

Transforming Violent Extremism: A Peacebuilders Guide: This guide captures the essence of several thought leader’s ideas plus evidence-based programmatic examples of what works. It also has a chapter on youth transforming VE too w/ additional examples of what works.

Framework for Action: Youth, Peace and Security, From Policy to Practice: A strategy guide by the Inter-Agency WG on ways to shape this field.

WEBSITES & DATABASES OF RESOURCES This site is supported by UNDP, PBSO, UNOY and SFCG and serves as a clearinghouse for youth, peace and security. Also explained under Pillar Two.

Network for Youth in Transition: This site is a clearinghouse for various resources pertaining to you, conflict and transition. You will find research, funding, evaluations, blogs, and informative videos on the topic as well as a resource library

Global Listserv: Community of Practice Youth and Peacebuilding: A listserv to keep members involved and informed on issues pertaining to the agenda.

Facebook Groups:

Youth Transforming Violent Extremism: A group dedicated to dialogue and exchange of information and resources pertaining to violent extremism and peacebuilding and role young people play in it.

Youth, Peace & Security: A group dedicated to sharing youth-led and youth-focused efforts on the topic.

Much thanks to Saji for all this information which I hope inspires you to help set up a platform to gather and share stories of courage, inspiration and more. Contact me for transformational insights. Listen to the episode to hear the simple leverage point that would make a difference in children’s lives. By working together we can restore humanity to being human.

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